THIS IS A BEACH WEAR OUTFIT, ALSO CAN BE WORN ON THE SUMMER PARTIES. THIS DESIGN IS SPECIALLY MADE TO FLAUNT THE CURVES AND BACK, IT IS A BACKLESS outfit, WITH THE CROSS ADJUSTABLE STRAPS ON THE BACK.. SELFreak Womens Floral Print Sexy Spaghetti Strap Backless Slim Fit Beach outfit Fabric: Rayon cheese, fits perfect for every body type. Style: outfit is styled in a way to give comfort and shape to match your best expectation at a party or casual scene. Color:blue Stretch, fitted, cross back outfit. Occasion: Casual/Beach/Party Super soft,lightweight Can be easily outfited up or outfit down because of the zip SELFREAK has been around since 2012, and has now turned out to be a standout amongst the most acclaimed online stores in ladies' form. SELFREAK's team draws on the rich experience and extraordinary energy for giving trendy apparel to ladies between the ages of 16-35. The core of this position is controlled by an energy for SELFREAK mark, an affection for form and a want to get yourself the most up to date slants. Get us pumped to meet you! 1)Q: What's the style of this outfit? A:This outfit has a cross back with the adjustable cross straps,to fit any height. 2)Q: What are the washing/drying instructions for this outfit? A: You can hand wash separately in cold water. 3)Q: I normally wear particularly sized outfites, will an ANYFIT size fit me well? A: You do not need to worry about the fitting of the outfit. ANYFIT is made using the stretch quality of outfit material and the stitching style so it can fit any size. One doesn't need to worry about if putting on extra kilos during festive seasons.usually UK sizes 8,10,12,14 can wear this outfit . 4)Q: What is this outfit made out of? A: It's made for the Rayon,. 5)Q: What seasons are suitable? A: It is fit for any season, you can wear it in Spring, Summer, Fall, simple but fashion style outfit. 6)Q: What to wear under this outfit? A: stick on bra's can be worn under it.

SELFreak-25 - Floral Print Sexy Spaghetti Strap Backless Slim Fit Beach Dress

SKU: SF-25
Color: Blue
  • Adjustable Strap Backless Long Dress.